All-In-One Training & Mentoring

‘Thank you for your hard work I really appreciate working with you, it’s like having mentoring, I said this to Richard once before, working with you guys has been like having ongoing training.  I had never applied for any money before in my life when I started working for a charity and I have been given the confidence to bring in quite a bit of money myself over the years having worked so closely with Felton.’

As per our email and telephone support programme above but with the following face-to-face training and mentoring support sessions as detailed below:

1 x Maximising your Fundraising Session – Clear direction for charitable trust fundraising, together with advice on implementing a specific appeal. Training covers subjects such as designing appeal information, writing letters and completing application forms.
1 x Brainstorming for Project Ideas Session – Offering an opportunity to work through new ideas and approaches to charitable trust fundraising. Benefit from our experience of what works and what doesn’t and let us help you plan a strategy, and explore the feasibility through to implementation for funding.
2 x Mentoring Sessions – Giving your fundraiser the opportunity to check their progress and ensure that your fundraising campaign to charitable trusts is moving in the right direction. Dedicated input and guidance is given to increasing skills and knowledge around charitable trust fundraising practice.
1 x Research the Funders Session – To look specifically at research techniques that source suitable grant-making organisations to approach. We will give you access to the online sites and help you find a list of funders to approach.

All of the face to face sessions as part of our All-In-One Training & Mentoring are available as extra add-ons to your mentoring.

NB: The sessions detailed below are an add-on to a mentoring programme already in place for a specific member of your staff and cannot be taken out separately.

Maximising Your Fundraising
Brainstorming for Project Ideas
Mentoring for Fundraisers
Research the Funders

Specialist Training and Support for Fundraisers
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